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Withings Body+ Connected Scale, Data Sheet and Price

Withings Body+ Connected Scale, Data Sheet and Price

By francesco

If you are looking for a scale to monitor your weight but also your muscle mass, bone mass or even the percentage of water and fat, then look no further, Withings Body+ is the one for you.

Connected scale Withings Body+ – Datasheet

With the Withings Body+ model, weighing will no longer be a moment of stress but a pleasure. It not only allows you to learn more about your body composition, not just your weight. You will get your muscle mass, fat, let you know if you are hydrating well and give you bone mass. All of this information will also help motivate you and achieve your goals.Let’s not forget its application that will provide you with data, as well as graphical representations of your progress and efforts. It syncs with your smartphone via Wi-Fi.This scale can recognize up to 8 profiles, so the whole family can appreciate it. Finally, its autonomy reaches up to 18 months thanks to the 4 AAA batteries supplied. You will appreciate its discreet design (black or white) and ultra-thin, as well as its 128 x 64 pixel backlit screen that will clearly show your results.

Withings Body+ Connected Scale – Price

You can buy Withings Body+ on Amazon for 79.96 euros instead of 99.95.

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