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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

By daniele

Are you getting tired of the keyboard and mouse with a large cable? Then see what I found and perform a test on these wireless models to find better options for your daily life. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo allows you to remove cords from your workplace, making it cleaner and more pleasant to work at. With receiversโ€™ help, wireless computers may connect to a PC via a USB connection. If you use a keyboard and mouse combo, you will only need one dongle for the connectivity.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo: Strong connectionsย ย 

Donโ€™t worry about being concerned about lost connections or delays because the USB receiver provides a solid wireless connection up to 33 feet.ย 

Comfortable Typing

This keyboardโ€™s design generates keys that are comfortable to type on.

You can quickly type without any worries; you can also type it in a relaxed mood. You donโ€™t need to sit, attend and do the task.

Long Battery Life

The MK270 combination offers a 36-month keyboard battery life and a 12-month mouse battery life, as well as on/off switches, so you can spend months without changing batteries. Easy to Use: This wireless keyboard and mouse combo includes eight multimedia hotkeys for easy access to the Internet, email, play/pause, and volume. This tiny wireless mouse is designed to be equally comfortable for left and right-handed users, and its smooth cursor control makes navigation on most surfaces a breeze.


The MK270 keyboard and mouse share a single 2.4GHz USB dongle for connection to a computer. The keyboard and mouse should operate after you plug the dongle into a USB port on your computer. The keyboard and mouse should work.

Pros and consย 


  • Springy typing feel

  • Customizable middle mouse button
  • Super-easy setup


  • Both keyboard and mouse feel cheap
  • Loud typing
  • Only three programmable keys
  • Limited Mac support


ย You will never be mistaken for that of a more expensive mechanical model. However, considering its low price, the keys on this wireless keyboard feel quite excellent, and the bundled mouse goes above and above with its programmable center button. However, those who choose the MK270 will have to put up with its poor design and relatively loud typing.


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