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The best intelligent notebooks for 2022

The best intelligent notebooks for 2022

By daniele

For folks who prefer to write on paper, the traditional strategy but want to store their writings, jottings, doodles, doodlings, and notes in a newfangled way in the cloud, a smart notebook is a hybrid device that is partially digital and partially analog. Even better than voice memos or typing, there’s something about handwritten notes that embeds thoughts and notions permanently in the brain. Bright notebooks are the ideal blend of the old and new for those folks.

There will surely be a tremendous smart notebook to meet your demands since the top ones are available in various sizes, flavors, and technologies. Others are less tech-heavy but still require technical pens or paper with tracking. Special notebook paper can be reused, and competent cells that go with it work together to transfer your notes for storage. Additionally, many mobile apps on your tablet or phone can be synced with innovative laptops. There aren’t many businesses that focus on creating smart notebooks. Here are a few alluring ones that are currently accessible.

  • Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable NotebookΒ 

A wise book that aids in environmental preservation and organizational efficiency. You can use any Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter with the re-usable notebook. Once finished, clean the page with a moist towel to restore the original condition of your laptop.

  • Bamboo Slate Small Digital Notebook from Wacom

A quick, easy, and effective method of turning handwritten notes into shared digital files. Wacom Bamboo combines the precision of digital drawing with the simplicity of writing on paper (accuracy). You can register and draw on the paper as usual.

  • EVO Planner Daily Journal

EVO is far more intelligent than the typical notebooks designed for smartphones. The planner increases your productivity due to more than ten years of research and development in cognitive psychology. Personalized 90-day journals are available for Oracle, Alchemist, Explorer, and Architect brain types.

The EVO app tracks your daily progress, and it provides feedback accordingly. It is hailed as the first flow and productivity system in the world, and it can aid in your evolution and improvement of self-awareness. Additionally, the planner has the best looks of any item on our list. A gorgeous notebook is created by the copper-gilded pages, blue binding, and full-color agenda.


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