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The best chargers for Samsung Galaxy

The best chargers for Samsung Galaxy

By daniele

Congratulations on buying a new Samsung Galaxy! But here’s the surprise: the charger is not included in the price. This choice is often criticized, but it also opens the possibility to choose your own power supply and to use the ones we already have at home. Of course, Samsung always recommends new generation power supplies instead of using old ones, but that is why we have the absolute freedom of choice.

The best chargers for Samsung Galaxy Samsung EP-T4510: the original Samsung power supply is often seen as the best solution considering that it costs 35 euros and offers an intermediate power of 45W. So you can take advantage of fast charging more or less for all compatible models, also thanks to its compact size.

Anker PowerWave 10W: then there are models of power supplies that don’t even need to be charged through the cable, but only with wireless transmission. The PowerWave is a great model from Anker that allows you to distribute up to 10W of energy, perfectly certified for Qi and compatible with all WiFi charging systems present in smartphones – including the Samsung Galaxy. All for a cost of 26 euros.

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo: this is a 15W wireless charging base. It has two different surfaces for wireless charging, one of which is naturally 15W – the other is dedicated to smartwatches, with a power of 4.5W. However, more powerful than the standard, but still compatible with your Samsung Galaxy, at the price of 43 euros.

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