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Present for kids who love video games

Present for kids who love video games

By daniele

Gaming Keyboard Alloy Origins 60 Mechanical

You have extra space for sweeping mouse motions with a 60% form factor keyboard like the HyperX Alloy Origins 60. It has a sturdy, all-aluminum body and dependable HyperX switches that are balanced for speed and performance and have an 80 million keystroke rating. Secondary functionalities are printed on the stock double shot PBT keycaps so you can immediately identify additional functionality. The exposed LED design and dazzling lighting effects of the HyperX switch let your sense of style shine through. With HyperX INGENUITY software, you may further configure your keyboard with macros, unique lighting settings, and other features.Β 

Barracuda X

Mobile Headset for Wireless Multi-Platform Gaming: CA$139.99

RazerTM TriForce 40mm Drivers USB-C Wireless Multi-Platform Connectivity 250 g Ergonomic Design

PL1000 Gaming Chair

Our β€œSlide-in” hardware, which is patented, enables a simple, one-person assembly. The backrest may be easily slid into the seat to assemble the chair in seconds. We are removing hardware and alignment complications for a simple, single-person approach.

Charging Station for Two Controllers for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

This Surge twin controller charging dock keeps your Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One controllers organized and set. This stylish and small addition is perfect for your game room and can charge two devices simultaneously. Your devices’ charging indicator lights let you know when they are fully charged so you can start.

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain

You can take on various mentally challenging tasks in the Nintendo SwitchTM game Big Brain AcademyTM: Brain vs. Brain. Play a wide range of games, such as learning a string of numbers, recognizing an animal as it gradually comes into focus, or assisting in directing a train to its destination. Compete against friends and family in 4-player* games to see who can score the highest. Everyone can play together at different difficulty levels so that a child can compete with a grownup in this intellectual matchup!


Enjoy some short mental entertainment.


With a fun exam, you can determine your Big Brain Brawn score. Increase your ability and quickness by engaging in specific activities.Β 


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