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Portable Bluetooth speaker JBL CLIP 4

Portable Bluetooth speaker JBL CLIP 4

By daniele

After Clip 3 released in the summer of 2018, JBL launched its successor: the Clip 4 portable Bluetooth Speaker. This new version features a completely redesigned design, including its integrated carabiner, and more power, all at an affordable price.

Portable Bluetooth speaker JBL CLIP 4 – features

JBL has completely redesigned its Clip speaker, its new version, the 4, is really completely different from the 3. The portable Bluetooth Speaker JBL CLIP 4, in fact, in the shape very much resembles a padlock. The Clip 4 is made of quality materials, aluminum and silicone, and its surfaces are covered with a mesh fabric with a pleasant touch.

Aside from his choice of pop and flashy colors, JBL gave him a huge logo that occupies the front surface, along with the volume control and speaker activation buttons. On the back, it incorporates soft silicone ribs for a better grip and not to slip from the flat surfaces.

At its base, there is a USB-C port, instead of the micro-USB of the Clip 3, to charge it after 10 hours of battery life, according to the manufacturer. At the carabiner level, a discreet LED confirms the power of the speaker, as well as its charge. Note also that the Clip 4 is slightly heavier, 240 g against 230 g, but is more robust.

The American company not only renewed the appearance of the Clip speaker, but also gave it more audio power. This is quite surprising considering its compact size. JBL has integrated the 40 mm transducer into it. Result: the voices are extraordinarily clear and accurately reproduced. As for the musical tracks, the bass is wide, deep and warm, thanks to its 5 W, so that it is not necessary to push the sound too much, this would alter the overall sound yield and ruin the pleasure of listening. Also, let’s not forget that the pairing was performed in an instant, regardless of the device.

In terms of functionality, note the impossibility to return to the previous title, and the absence of the function kit speakerphone for the absence of a microphone. There is also no output jack. However, it is to be appreciated that it is waterproof, with a degree of protection IP67.

The 3885 mAh battery, according to JBL, can last 10 hours of listening, but the higher the volume, then it runs out. It charges via the supplied USB Type-C cable and takes 3 hours to go from 0% to 100%. Its LED turns red when the Clip 4 is charging. It would have been interesting to have a real indicator of the level of the battery.

JBL CLIP 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – price

You can buy the JBL CLIP 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon for 44.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros.

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