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Mixcder E9 Bluetooth headphones – data sheet and price

Mixcder E9 Bluetooth headphones – data sheet and price

By francesco

Very present on the audio market, the American brand Mixcder offers quality audio devices equipped with the latest technologies such as the active noise reduction function, as in the case of Bluetooth E9 headphones. Elegant and efficient, it benefits from total isolation from the surrounding noise, offering you a listening experience with complete immersion.

Mixcder E9 Bluetooth headphones – Data sheet

The Mixcder E9 has a nice design and a premium look. However, looking more closely at its manufacturing materials, we note that it is mainly made of plastic, matte and glossy. It is a circumaural model that, unlike the Beats, does not press on the ears. Its adjustable headband is padded in faux leather, thus offering a certain comfort when worn, although it is far from that obtained with the Bose QC35.

Its huge ear pavilions, always in faux leather, fold, can rotate by 90 or be flat. Thanks to this, the E9 is not embarrassing to wear around your neck. Although it looks impressive, this headset weighs only 252 g.

It has 4 buttons, the first to turn it on or off, the second to adjust the volume and the last to activate the active noise reduction function. You’ll also find a micro USB port to charge it. Finally, it comes with a jack for wired mode if you prefer.

The strength of the E9 is the sound that emanates from it. It is equipped with 40 mm dynamic speakers and incorporates an autoplanning chip that allows it to provide ANC functionality.

Thanks to the active noise reduction, you will be enriched with an immersive listening experience. It may not be convincing enough for audiophiles, however for an average user it will be more than adequate.

Despite a basic connection in SBC (Sub-Band Codec), that is, with variable bit rates up to 320 kbps, overall the sound reproduction is lively and without distortion. However, the E9 has difficulty finding a balance for excessively rich tracks.

With its 500 mAh battery, whether you are in Bluetooth mode or wired, the brand promises you a range of 30 consecutive hours. When the battery is low, the headset beeps to let you know it’s time to charge. A micro USB cable is provided, you will only have to wait an hour and a half for your E9 to be operational again. For globetrotters, an airplane adaptor and carrying case are also included.

Mixcder E9 Bluetooth headphones – Price

You can buy Mixcder E9 Bluetooth headphones on Amazon for 59.99 euros instead of 79.99 euros.

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