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Hannspree Zeus tablet, review and price

Hannspree Zeus tablet, review and price

By israelipanda

Hannspree has some expertise in outer showcases, touchscreens, workstations and gaming, however the organization additionally ends up assembling tablets, the most recent of which is the 13.3in Hannspree Pad Zeus.

Assuming that you’re searching for a tablet that is sufficiently enormous to watch recordings and mess around, but at the same time is appropriate to visual introductions, dealing with bookkeeping sheets or in any event, self-teaching, then, at that point, the Zeus could possess all the necessary qualities.

Plan and assemble

The Zeus is a forcing 13.3in (approx. 34 cm) tablet, weighing 1.25 kg. It’s not quite as convenient as an iPad Mini and most likely isn’t especially appropriate to regular use, particularly on the off chance that you were planning on taking it making the rounds with you.

The power and volume control buttons are arranged along the top edge of the tablet, which practically speaking renders them excessively careful and inconspicuous for my taste.

At long last, on the right-hand edge, you’ll track down a blast of ports: microSD card space, small scale HDMI, USB-C. It’s a noteworthy cluster of I/O that permits you to interface your tablet to an outer screen, plug in earphones, a mouse or even increment its extra room.

The Zeus is a straightforward, nitty gritty record with every one of the fundamental associations you’re probably going to require for regular use, in any case, on the off chance that you need a unique finger impression peruser or other more premium contacts, you’ll need to check pricier options out.

Show and sound

In spite of its Full HD goal, video and picture quality on the Zeus’ 13.3in IPS LCD board isn’t the most honed, with perceptible pixelation (assuming you’re keeping watch for such diseases). The people who aren’t pixel-peepers, notwithstanding, shouldn’t need to stress.

Over the screen, you’ll find the 5Mp selfie snapper and a bunch of sound system speakers, which sound very great, notwithstanding ailing in the bass division.

Programming and highlights

This tablet runs a stock Android 10 experience and offers all the Google-embraced highlights those acquainted with most Android telephones ought to perceive.

Changing to and from scene or representation mode – for applications like YouTube – is consistent, nonetheless, given the size of the Zeus, you’ll probably wind up involving it in scene on your lap or a level surface more often than not.

One astonishing consideration is a devoted case, that not just safeguards the Zeus while leaving every one of its ports and equipment controls open, yet additionally helps point the record for more agreeable use on a level surface.

Simultaneously, it’s a disgrace that Hannspree didn’t likewise spring for a pointer or console – even as discretionary extras, which would have been viable incorporations that would have played to the qualities of such an enormous tablet.


You must be a specific kind of client to need to take photographs utilizing a tablet, especially one the size of the Zeus. Regardless, you ought to realize that it has a 5Mp front sensor and a 5Mp back sensor. Both are nice enough for essential snapping and a periodic Zoom call, yet it’s implied that you’d be ideally serviced by the sensors of your cell phone by and large.

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