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PC accessories that are highly useful

PC accessories that are highly useful

By daniele

There are several factors to consider while building a new system, including power supplies, video cards, and many other parts. There are additional accessories to take into account. The necessities, like keyboards, mice, and monitors, are relatively difficult to overlook as you need them only to install Windows.

Some items are more subtly placed. They won’t increase your FPS or enhance the appearance of your system, so these items might not sound all that fascinating. However, they will significantly raise your quality of life, at least in terms of your computer.

Movable zip ties

100 reusable zip ties in a pack

One hundred reusable zip ties in various lengths and in black and white may be purchased for $11 in a pack. For cable management in your PC case, we prefer reusable ones, though you are free to cut them if you choose.

Any enthusiast’s build must have effective cable management, but sometimes we don’t give enough thought to the products we choose to keep our cables looking their best. Although zip ties are frequently seen in our toolkits, standard zip ties restrict our future flexibility. Although Velcro can be reused, it tends to gather dust. Reusable zip ties, fortunately, are a device that provides the best of both worlds.

Magnetic screwdriverΒ 

To prevent losing your case screws, here is a good set of screwdrivers with magnetic tips. They are available in a variety of lengths for awkward placement. $15 only. Large grips enable greater torque.

You can get an additional screwdriver set with many more bits for the same price as the above. Another magnetised pair, although this one has a smaller handle. Suitable for precision work even now.

This has happened to everyone who has constructed a computer at some point. When the parts come at your door, you rip them all out of their packaging and assemble everything hurriedly. A screw you are using to mount your motherboard falls and stops you in your tracks, putting you into a fit of mild anger. This is solved using a magnetic screwdriver, which allows you to play video games instead of attempting to remove a screw between the MOSFETs.

Hubs with USB power

Aukey makes excellent accessories, and its 10-port USB 3.0 hub contains three specific charging connectors and seven complete USB 3.0 data ports. One can be placed for easy access under your desk or in another location using 3M double-sided glue. $28.


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