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Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ in-ear headphones, review and price

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ in-ear headphones, review and price

By israelipanda

Melomania 1+ component hand crafted 5.8mm Graphene-upgraded drivers. This super-materialโ€™s unbelievable strength and inflexibility give our earphones their great powerful reaction.

Subsequently, Melomania 1+ convey an unwavering and itemized proliferation of your music, with refined sound control across the full recurrence range โ€“ whatever the class.

Music First

You request, and merit, an incredible soundstage, low contortion and high powerful reach. It makes music wake up.

Melomania 1+ has our interesting High Performance Audio Mode ready. It utilizes a similar Class AB enhancement innovation found in our honor winning greetings fi, and conveys the top notch sound quality weโ€™re popular for, in a couple of earphones.

The entire Day and Beyond

Melomania 1+ make battery nervousness a relic of past times, with as long as 9 hours playback on a solitary charge of your headphones. Pop them in the thin convey case to expand your listening time for up to a further a day and a half โ€“ that is all that could possibly be needed to last the functioning week.

Partake in your music where you need, however long you need to.

Solace in Sound

A decent in-ear seal gives fantastic commotion seclusion and is similarly significant for extraordinary sound quality โ€“ particularly bass.

With three sizes of silicone and two sizes of adaptive padding tips included, Melomania 1+ make it simple to see as your ideal fit. Whatโ€™s more, at simply 4.6g per bud, theyโ€™re light enough youโ€™ll scarcely see that youโ€™re wearing them.

Our Sound, Your Choice

The Melomania application for Android and iOS, gives you admittance to a scope of preset EQs made by our sound specialists. Pick the one that best suits your melodic taste or make and save your own custom settings.

Also, with the applicationโ€™s capacity to assist with finding lost earphones, check battery levels and download firmware refreshes, your Melomania 1+ simply continue to improve.

At Your Convenience

With an unmistakable slug formed plan, material press button controls and a thin, pocket-accommodating case, Melomania 1+ are your ideal sans wire buddy.

Outstanding solace, elite battery duration and incredible sound quality โ€“ all as standard โ€“ leave you totally allowed to tune into your #1 music.

Why Melomania?

Melomania signifies โ€˜fixated on musicโ€™ โ€“ itโ€™s an energy that our group imparts to you. To move us, we even fabricated an unrecorded music setting at Cambridge Audio HQ in London, where we can go gaga for music once more. Itโ€™s likewise called Melomania.

Melomania earphones are the result of 50 years of designing aptitude, endless long periods of improvement and various jumps in development.

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