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Bopmen Computer Headset with Microphone

Bopmen Computer Headset with Microphone

By daniele

General Features: Bopmen Computer Headset with Microphone – Wired Gaming Headphones with Boom Mic, On-Line Volume Control

Hi, I have tried this BOPmen headset for you, and I found it as amazing as I can; I will share my experience of how I found this product.

Sound quality              

Bopmen headset has the best sound quality. Its 40-millimeter drivers provide high-quality sound with more clarity. The sound quality of the Bopman headset is just outstanding. It’s very comfortable to use because ear cushions and padded leatherette headband keep you relaxed and more focused on your work or the game. Perfect for various games like call of duty, the game of thrones pubG, and many more.

Distortion-free microphone

It’s best for the sound because it’s canceled the distortion around you and makes you feel a more clear voice to listen and convey to other people, especially when you are in the game. This microphone provides more clarity while talking with friends and while you are playing games.

The ear cups and foaming on the ear are making it more special it cancel the sound around you and makes you more focused on your game or call with another one. 

For the gamers 

Its special 40-millimeter drivers provide more impressive sound clarity, which gives a direction to a gamer to focus on games, locate the enemies on just a single sound or move, and beat them. It’s not wrong to say that it’s a particular gaming product.

Durability and comfort 

The padded earphones with foam make it comfortable for the people who are using them for a long time and make it easy for them without damaging their ears and works without distracting the person. The stainless steel body provides you to find the perfect item and makes it durable.


This product is compatible with all devices which have a 3.5 or 6.35 audio jack like android phones o laptops, Mac book and also with other gaming and musical instruments like an electric guitar, piano, drums, and different PCS and gaming devices.


The Bopman computer headset is designed to be used in the US. The voltage and outlets work differently in other countries; you may require an adopter or converter to change the voltage in your destination. Please check it while you are going to purchase.




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