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Best vacuum cleaner mop: which model to buy

Best vacuum cleaner mop: which model to buy

By daniele

Unlike basic vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaner mops can clean the floor and pick up dirt in one go. By combining these activities, you can save precious time and clean more accurately. In this guide, discover the best models available in 2023.

What is the best vacuum cleaner mop? Dreame H12 Pro: is a high-end cordless vacuum cleaner mop. The latest addition from the Chinese brand Dreame, it is versatile and efficient thanks to its “edge-to-edge” cleaning that allows you to reach corners. Dreame H12 Pro can perform wet or dry washing and hot air washing and drying. It has 3 modes depending on the dirt: light, medium, and heavy. The advanced sensor can evaluate the level of the floor and adjust the suction power in real-time. The voice alerts give you instructions to make cleaning easier. It has two separate water tanks: a 900 ml tank for clean water and a second 700 ml tank for dirty water.

Bissell CrossWave X7 Plus Pet Pro: is an American brand specializing in cleaning. It offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners for floor cleaning. CrossWave X7 Plus Pet Pro is the latest addition to the Crosswave line. This 3-in-1 device not only vacuums but also washes and dries at the same time. It has a quieter motor that provides more efficient suction power. You can use it as a normal vacuum cleaner with “dry” cleaning mode. Specially designed for pet owners, CrossWave X7 Plus Pet Pro has 3 cleaning modes: a first mode for hard floors (tiles, parquet, etc.), a carpet mode, and a more powerful Turbo PetTM mode. The floor vacuum cleaner also has LED lighting that projects light horizontally onto the floor, making it easy to see dust. Finally, thanks to its weight of 4.5 kg, Bissell CrossWave X7 Plus Pet Pro is a practical vacuum cleaner. Compared to older models of the brand, the self-cleaning cycle has been optimized, and the device now uses its own water reserve to clean itself.

Karcher FC7: with its 4 self-rotating rollers, this vacuum cleaner picks up dry and wet dirt while cleaning hard floors in one go (tiles, linoleum, PVC floors, parquet, etc.) The Karcher FC7 vacuum cleaner mop has 2 different cleaning modes and a Boost mode that is particularly effective in removing stubborn dirt. In addition, with its lithium-ion battery, the device offers a good autonomy of 45 minutes. Its weight without accessories is only 4.3 kg, making it a lightweight vacuum mop.

Rowenta Clean & Steam: vacuums, washes, and sanitizes all types of surfaces and floors in one go, cleaning thoroughly in no time with a power of 1700 W and a sanitizing steam jet. You can adjust the steam flow based on the level of dirt. In one go, Rowenta Clean & Steam vacuums dry dirt and cleans with the microfiber cloth previously installed.

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