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Best Gaming Accessories For Under $50

Best Gaming Accessories For Under $50

By daniele

Thanks to Alexa, switching the lights on and off has never been easier. There are more possibilities than you may think if you’re all in on Amazon’s voice assistant, even though you presumably already know about a number of the different intelligent bulb options. We are here to help you locate the best light bulbs that work with Alexa, whether you want to enhance your current intelligent home lighting setup or are prepared to put your toes in the water for the first time.

The Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit (available on Amazon) has consistently outperformed rival Alexa-enabled smart bulbs since we began evaluating them in 2015. They are voice-activated Alexa devices like Amazon Echo speakers that are bright, user-friendly, and simple to operate. The Geeni Prisma Smart Bulb (available on Amazon) provides several innovative Alexa lighting capabilities for less money. However, there are also other excellent choices that we’ve tried out with a variety of features and adaptability so that you can choose the ideal suit for your house.

The Hue bulbs need a hub to function, unlike other smart bulbs, which is their sole drawback. Although extra hardware isn’t usually a strong suit, it’s a negligible cost compared to the performance and dependability the Hue lights provide—especially if you choose the Starter Kit that includes the Hue bridge.

Lamp Geeni Prisma LED Smart

The Alexa-compatible Geeni Prisma Plus LED smart bulb is a fantastic entry-level option if you’ve never used an intelligent bulb before. Geeni smart bulbs are among the least expensive Alexa smart bulbs because they cost a quarter as much as Philip Hue bulbs. Once Alexa and your device are connected, you may use voice commands like “Alexa, set the bedroom light to cool white” or “Alexa, dim the bedroom light to 25%.” The Geeni app, which provides two-factor verification to help keep your account secure, also lets you manage the lights.

What to Know About Smart Bulbs

After researching and testing smart bulbs for several years, we’ve discovered some information that can assist you in choosing which smart bulb to buy and what to anticipate from your purchase. Smart light bulbs are more expensive than ordinary light bulbs. Still, once everything is set up, the bulbs are simple to handle and offer a variety of advantages for customising your home’s lighting.

An intelligent bulb requires a little more setup than just inserting it into a socket and calling it good. The issue is whether it requires a “hub,” utilises Bluetooth, or runs alone on your Wi-Fi network. You’ll go through an in-app setup procedure to identify your bulbs, assign them to rooms, and offer you complete control over their capabilities once you’ve configured a hub.


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