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Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite – review and price

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite – review and price

By francesco

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is the cheapest model available so far, indeed to keep a low selling price Amazon has made concessions. It is however equipped with the new version of the Fire TV interface introduced at the end of last year (also present in the 2020 version Fire TV Stick).

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite – review

Fire TV Stick Lite has a design almost identical to that of its predecessors, with a compact rectangular shape. It can be connected directly to the TV or via the supplied HDMI cable. To set up your device, you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection, otherwise you’ll need an Ethernet adapter. Overall, Fire TV Stick Lite is quite discreet thanks to its matte black finish.

The setup is extremely simple: just connect it to the TV, access your Amazon account and your Wi-Fi network, then choose the apps you want to download.

In addition to the USB stick, you also have the remote control, which is very important. It allows you to control playback (pause, back and forth), navigate the home page, go back, turn on Alexa, view settings, and scroll through the various contents of the home page. In addition, compared to the entry-level Roku remotes, note that Amazon’s Stick Lite directly supports voice control.

The Lite version, compared to the standard model, has some differences, namely that of not having a power button and volume. This means that you cannot use Lite as the only control device. You’ll need to use it with your regular TV remote or your phone via the Fire TV app.

In addition, the device goes into sleep mode only after a period of inactivity or by manually selecting it in the settings. The Alexa voice assistant is generally quite responsive to most commands, it recognizes movie titles, playback options, the ability to open apps and more.

Fire TV Stick Lite can stream only at 720p or 1080p at 60 fps with support for HDR, HDR10+ and HLG. If you have a 4K TV and want to get the most out of that resolution, you will need to consider Fire TV Stick 4K. Audio is another compromise, the standard supports Dolby Atmos, while the Lite only supports Dolby Audio via HDMI. Depending on the TV and audio configuration, the difference may not be huge, but if you have a good audio system or are an audiophile, why not spend some extra money on the standard Stick?

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite has 8 GB of storage for all the apps and games you want to add. The most popular are all available: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, YouTube, etc. The interface of Fire TV Stick Lite is clean, the main menu consists of tabs for your favorite apps and games, recommended video channels, recommended apps and more. The home screen also keeps track of the six most used apps for easy access. You can search manually, but it’s much faster to do it with Alexa voice command than typing.

In addition, the Live tab opens the standard TV apps that you can use to watch live TV, as well as all the Twitch channels you follow. You can add up to 6 profiles on the same account and quickly switch between profiles.

It might seem obvious, but you won’t get all the benefits of Amazon Fire TV unless you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription. Much of the recommended content on the interface comes from this streaming service.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite – price

You can buy the Fire TV Stick Lite on Amazon for 29.99 euros.

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