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5 Best Android Chargers in 2022

5 Best Android Chargers in 2022

By daniele

The world is lacking in wall chargers. One comes with your phone package, so you typically have one by your bedroom to keep your phone charged at night. But what about other charging locations? Although you can remove your charger from your room and leave it somewhere else for the day, we often forget to put it all back. Because of this, it’s a smart idea to have several Android chargers scattered around your house.

Instead of needing to leave your phone in your room, you may have it charging at your workplace or in the kitchen. It’s practical. If you continue reading down, we’ll show you the top Android chargers available now. Here are some of our favourites.

USB PowerBear Charger

Consider using the PowerBear USB Charger if you need lightning-fast charging for a high-end device. A step up from Quick Charge 2.0, this wall charger is Qualcomm approved for Quick Charge 3.0 speeds. That said, you can anticipate getting quick charging speeds from this wall charger. A micro-USB cable is included, giving you everything you need to begin charging.

Wall charger for FiveBox

One more excellent choice is the FiveBox Wall Charger. With a power output of 2.1 amps, even though it isn’t Qualcomm-certified for any Quick Charge rates, it will keep your device charged at a fairly quick rate. The wall charger has two USB ports, so you can simultaneously charge two devices. Two six-foot-long micro-USB cables are also included in the package. Since they are made of high-quality nylon braid insulation, there shouldn’t be any issues. Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, and White are a few additional colour choices for your wall charger kit.

UbioLabs Charging Kit

The UbioLabs Charging Kit is the last but by no means the least item on the list. You get all the tools you need for charging in this kit. Get a car charger first so you can charge devices while driving. Additionally, a wall converter is included for charging up to two devices simultaneously. You also receive two premium micro-USB cables that are six feet long so that you may use two for the wall charger or one for the wall charger and the other for the car charger. In either case, it’s a pretty affordable package to purchase; alternatively, if you want twice as much product, UbioLabs sells a similar charging pack that costs slightly more but includes twice as much of everything we just discussed.

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