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10 IT and Tech Podcasts for Tech Professionals

10 IT and Tech Podcasts for Tech Professionals

By israelipanda

Podcasts about IT and technology can be a great way to learn about things youโ€™re interested in, curious about, or havenโ€™t learned yet. They might also be of assistance to you in your job search as you acquire new abilities, keep up with the latest trends, and familiarize yourself with IT jargon. Are you prepared to participate? You can also look through our list of IT certifications for beginners.

IT podcasts:

From the darkly dramatic to the highly technical, these thirteen IT podcasts are relevant to your career and will keep you informed, entertained, and learning.

  1. Darknet Diaries is all about the dark side of the internet, including the hackers, cybercrime, and the strange ways the government gets tangled up in cyberspace. Darknet Diaries is a compelling way to learn about internet security issues and will give you a visceral understanding of why the IT department is so important.ย 
  2. Heavy Networking by Packet Pushers is an excellent place to start if you want to learn more about networking technology in depth. By bringing in real network professionals, vendors, and experts, the podcast looks at emerging technologies and industry trends. Day Two Cloud and The Network Break, two other Packet Pushers podcasts, also receive excellent reviews.
  3. IT Career Energizer was created with the aspirant IT professional in mind and features over 300 episodes of interviews with various IT professionals offering career advice.
  4. The episodes of Professor Messerโ€™s A+ Study Group are actually live-recorded โ€œstudy groupsโ€ in which the host walks through practice questions with people who want to take the A+ exam. Episodes of โ€œAfter Showโ€ can also help you learn what worked and what didnโ€™t for other people and get some general career advice. Similar podcasts are provided by Professor Messer for the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certifications.
  5. Learn to Code With Me tells the stories of people who learned to code by themselves and changed their careers and lives as a result. It is motivating. Get some motivation for yourself, find out about different resources that people used to teach themselves, and learn how to get into programming jobs.
  6. Risky Business is a weekly security podcast that discusses current and past security issues through in-depth interviews with industry professionals. There is a lot to hear and consider, including the most recent ransomware attacks and international cyber relations entanglements.
  7. Sysadmin Today, presented by a real-life systems engineer with more than 20 years of IT experience, delves into the various duties that a systems professional might be expected to perform. The podcast, praised by both newcomers and seasoned listeners alike, releases new episodes every few weeks.
  8. Linux Unplugged is a show on the Jupiter Broadcasting network that covers the most recent happenings and discussions in the Linux community. Fans of Linux and open source, as well as those interested in learning more about the operating system, might enjoy listening to it.
  9. IT Visionaries provides listeners with practical lessons and insights on a weekly basis through interviews with IT leaders. It wonโ€™t get into the nitty-gritty of IT work, but those who want to stay on top of whatโ€™s next in the IT world might find the conversations with Fortune 1000 tech leaders, CIOs, and CTOs helpful.
  10. Cloudcast Cloudcast is all about the cloud. It can get a little technical, but it also talks about bigger industry trends as the cloud space grows. Cloud computing and enterprise software can also be fun, according to this podcast, which talks about everything from DevOps to Kubernetes and promises to have โ€œplenty of off topic.
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